2013-14 Committees of the University

International Affairs Advisory Council

Membership of International Affairs Advisory Council

  1. The International Affairs Advisory Council is advisory to the associate vice president for international affairs. It is composed of the following members:

    One faculty member from each of the degree-granting colleges nominated by the college councils and the College of Law and appointed by the associate vice president for international affairs;

    One U.S. student representing those NIU students who have participated in a study-abroad program;One international student from among the body of students currently in residence on the NIU campus;

    The associate vice president for international affairs who shall serve as chair and shall be ex officio nonvoting;

    A representative from the Graduate School who shall be ex officio nonvoting; a representative from the units reporting directly to the division office who shall be ex officio nonvoting.

    All shall serve three-year staggered terms, except for the student representatives who shall serve one-year terms, and the representative from the units reporting directly to the division office who shall serve one-year terms that are rotated each year.

    The International Affairs Advisory Council, working together with the associate vice president for international programs, shall develop procedures for how it conducts its business.

  2. Duties

    The duties of the International Affairs Advisory Council shall be to advise the associate vice president for international programs concerning all policies, procedures, and programs within the jurisdiction of the division. As such, it shall generally provide advice about such areas as study-abroad programs, international linkages, agreements and contracts, faculty and student international exchange programs, international technical assistance and training programs, international student programs, contract courses or programs taught abroad, and all other international activities and programs.

International Affairs Advisory Council

The IAAC meets as needed and scheduled per council members' availability.

*+ Associate Vice President for International Programs
Deborah Pierce
Deborah Pierce
+Representative of unit
reporting to division
Anne Seitzinger
Pam Rosenberg
+Representative, Graduate School
Brad Bond
Brad Bond
Brad Bond
Chang Liu
(for Magnusson)
Chang Liu
(for Magnusson)
Teresa Wasonga
(for Kuo)
Stephen Tonks
Stephen Tonks Stephen Tonks
Engineering & Eng. Technology
Milivoje Kostic
(for Song)
Abhijit Gupta
Abhijit Gupta   
Abhijit Gupta
Health and Human Sciences
Christina Papadimitriou
Christina Papadimitriou
David Gaebler
David Gaebler
Liberal Arts & Sciences
Wei Luo
Wei Luo Wei Luo
Visual & Performing Arts
Doug Boughton
Doug Boughton Doug Boughton
U.S. Student
Anastasia Kocher
Benjamin Slonek
International Student
Awni Al Karzon
Daihee Cho
+Sponsored Projects
David Stone
+Secretary Sarah Lindell

*  chair
+  ex officio nonvoting