Animal Research

NIU Occupational Health Program

Occupational Health & Safety Program (PDF)

The above link will connect the researcher with NIU's current OH&S Program. The link includes an accident/incident report from as well as a form to be signed by the researcher acknowledging awareness of the program.

Occupational Health Programs for Animal Workers

In accordance with the Public Health Service Policy on Humane Care and Use of Laboratory Animals, which requires awarded institutions to establish an Occupational Health Care Program for all personnel who work in laboratory animal facilities or have frequent contact with animals, NIU has established the following guidelines and policies with which all personnel who work around animals should be familiar.

Please read the Occupational Health Program material, download and complete the signature page, and return it to your course instructor (if animal use will be in a course), or to the ORC, (if the use will be in research). Retain the rest of the materials for future reference. If you have any questions, now or in the future, about these policies, please contact the Office of Research Compliance at 753-8588.