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February 25, 2014

NIU Board of Trustees to meet March 3

Special Meeting of the
March 3, 2014
Board of Trustees Room
315 Altgeld Hall – Northern Illinois University
DeKalb, Illinois

Approximate Schedule

11:00 a.m. Board of Trustees Special Meeting

(Discussion of the Higher Learning Commission Accreditation Site Visit with the HLC consultant evaluators.)

** The Board and its committees comply with P.A. 91-0715 through its Bylaws, Article II, Section 5.B:
1. Consistent with Public Act 91-0715 and reasonable constraints determined by these Bylaws and the Chair, at each regular or special meeting of the Board or its committees that is open to the public, members of the public may request a brief time on the approved agenda of the meeting to address the Board on relevant matters within its jurisdiction.
2. Committees of the Board review University proposals for action and make adjustments and endorsements as appropriate for further consideration by the full Board. Public comments are generally most useful at meetings of Board committees, where proposals are first considered and the time for interaction most feasible.
3. To facilitate an orderly process, appearance requests must be registered on a Board-provided form and submitted to the Board’s Parliamentarian at least 45 minutes before the meeting is scheduled to be called to order. To be recognized, the appearance request will include the name, address and position of the individual wishing to speak, the name of the organization or group represented, a concise summary of the presentation, and whether the requestor has appeared earlier on the topic before any other meeting of the Board. The Parliamentarian may confer with registered speakers to cooperatively assist the Chair of the meeting in assuring coordinated issue presentation and an efficient use of allocated time. The Parliamentarian will acquaint requestors with the generally acceptable rules of decorum for their presentations. In lieu of oral presentations, individuals may present brief written materials not to exceed five (5) pages to the Parliamentarian for distribution and consideration by the Board in advance of the meeting.
4. The Chair of the meeting will recognize duly registered individuals at the appropriate point during the meeting. Unduly repetitive comments may be discouraged and restricted by the Chair. To assure an orderly and timely meeting the Chair may limit time allotments to five minutes or less, may delay or defer appearances when appropriate, and defer or refer questions received from presenters for answers if available.

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