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Billing Information

Media Services accepts six methods of payment for the goods and services we provide.

Cash is accepted for all goods and services. If the cost is substantial, we can guide you through the process of making payment by other means.

Bursar Receipt
If you contact Media Services, we can let you know the balance due and prepare a Bursar information sheet. Take this form to the Bursar’s Office in Swen Parson 235 and tender the amount due to the Bursar. You will be issued a receipt. Bring the yellow copy of the receipt to the Staff Secretary in Media Services in exchange for the goods and/or services.

We accept checks in payment for all goods and services. Checks should be made payable to “Northern Illinois University.”

Visa and MasterCard
We accept Visa and MasterCard in payment for all goods and services.

You may charge your purchases if you have set up an account with the Accounts Receivable department of NIU and have no outstanding balances due the University. You need to provide the charge account number to us before we can start the work. When the job is completed, you will recevie an invoice which must be paid within 30 days of the invoice date.

Interdepartmental Charge
You may charge your purchases to a valid PeopleSoft organizational account. Prior to our acceptance of a request for service you must complete an Authorization for Services form. This form must be signed by the fund custodian.

You are responsible for payment of any costs incurred for goods and services delivered to you. You will be charged for materials, applicable miscellaneous support such as narration and music fees, and all or partial labor. Exceptions may be made only with written authorization from the Director of Media Services or his designee.

If you have any questions regarding billing procedures call Lon Clark, Business Manager at 815-753-6676.