UNIV 101/201

UNIV 101: University Experience 
UNIV 201: Transfer Experience

UNIV 101 (University Experience) and UNIV 201 (The Transfer Experience) provide an invaluable introduction to Northern Illinois University. These elective, 1-credit, 11-­week courses are designed to help you adjust to NIU and develop the skills necessary to succeed in college and beyond.

Each year, between 55 percent and 60 percent of the freshman class enrolls in a UNIV 101 course. These courses have an average class size of 19 students to foster close student interaction. Approximately 225 transfer students enroll in UNIV 201 sections during the fall and spring semesters.

Our faculty and staff are committed to helping you succeed. Many sections have a volunteer upper-division Peer Educator or a Graduate Student Leader.

Course content for 101 and 201 includes

  • Practicing necessary success strategies through collaborative learning activities
  • Learning how to use essential online tools such as MyNIU, Blackboard and NIU Student E-mail
  • Understanding where and when to go for help
  • Gaining vital skills in writing, communication, and critical thinking via the Common Reading Experience
  • Networking with NIU faculty, staff, and peers while making new and maintaining existing friendships

Why take UNIV 101 or 201?

  • Research at NIU and across the country shows that students who complete UNIV courses have higher GPAs and are more likely to reach their goal of graduation.
  • Sections are limited to approximately 20 students. You will have the opportunity to get to know the other students in your class and your Educator.
  • Many sections have Peer Educators – undergraduate students who assist with the class and offer their own experiences and helpful advice.

Here's what former students have to say about UNIV 101/201

"I'm glad that I was able to meet new people. I saw different viewpoints and reactions that I normally wouldn't see in any other class."

"UNIV will help new students feel comfortable coming to a large campus like Northern's."

"I really enjoyed the class and recommend it to any new student I meet!"