Hosting an Event

The First- and Second-Year Success Series (FSYSS) provides an opportunity for first- and second-year students to learn about the various programs, offices, and opportunities available to them at NIU.  In 2014-2015 FSYSS events will start the third week of the fall semester (except for the Y2@NIU Kick-off event on Monday, August 27), and extend throughout the academic year. Although each session will be open to all members of the NIU community, the focus will be on topics, information, and services pertinent to students in their first and second years.  We hope you will consider this excellent opportunity for your department to make a valuable connection with NIU’s first- and second-year students by hosting a program in the series.

How will an FSYSS event benefit my department?

  • Participating in the FSYSS will allow you to plan ahead for an entire student program well before the start of the fall semester.
  • Students will have a better understanding of your department and the resources you have early in the academic year.
  • First- and Second-Year Experience will heavily promote the FSYSS schedule of events during summer orientation programs and in the UNIV 101/201 classes, reaching approximately 10,000 people. Flyers will be posted during the academic year closer to the event and announcements will be made on social media to further promote the events.

Presenters from your office may include:

  • NIU faculty or staff
  • Student organizations or upper-division student leaders
  • DeKalb/Sycamore community members.

At least one member of the presenting team must be a NIU faculty or staff member.

We encourage the use of presenting teams whenever possible and appropriate.

 Possible FYSS session topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Academic Engagement & Success Skills
  • Career & Major Exploration/ Students Career Success
  • Financial & Debt Management
  • Campus Involvement
  • Alcohol & Drug Awareness
  • Volunteerism/Community Service
  • Recreation & Wellness
  • Mental Health Issues (for example, anxiety, depression, eating disorders)
  • Current Issues—local, national, or worldwide
  • Diversity Awareness
  • Spirituality
  • Values Exploration
  • Relationships
  • Leadership & Communication Skills
  • Study Abroad
  • Student Employment
  • Sexual Health
  • Apartment & Lease Hunting.

Intended outcomes for NIU’s first- and second-year students:

  • Understanding how to effectively utilize campus services and resources.
  • Exploring involvement opportunities within and outside of the classroom.
  • Engaging in discussions and activities that cover the complex issues associated with the college transition.
  • Learning that they are not alone in their struggles and that there are people here at NIU who care about their success.

 Tips for writing a program proposal:

  • Select a good title for your program.  Try to think of something both brief and creative that will draw students’ interest, but also accurately describe your program.
  • Please list three items that you want students to learn in your session.  More importantly, make sure to relate your program to these stated learning objectives.
  • Consider presenting with a partner from the community or another area of the university.  Partnerships can often turn a good program into an outstanding program.
  • Prepare a well written outline and description for your program.  This is where we, and students, will learn what you plan to present.

 Proposals should be constructed on the basis of:

  • Interest and benefit to the target audience—first- and second-year students;
  • Clarity of the program outline and description;
  • Creativity of the title, topic, and presentation format.

Things to know:

  • FSYSS events are usually one hour long except for a few special events;
  • Most FSYSS events are held between the early afternoon and early evening (think about students’ schedules when setting up a time, date, and location).
  • Some series can take place in Altgeld 100; location of First- and Second-Year Experience.
  • We can help you with the behind-the-scenes work (for example, scheduling, room reservations, marketing, set-up)

First- and Second-Year Success Series Application

Full Name

Department Name


Phone Number

Location of Event

3 best times and dates for the event (We will scheulde your event so it does not conflict with other FSYSS events)

Brief Description of Events