Black Studies Minor

Black Studies Minor - 2015 Fall Class Schedule

The black studies minor presents a body of knowledge that examines the experiences of black people in the United States.

It also explores the African heritage of black people and the continuity of that heritage through the years in the New World.

Among other requirements students must analyze racism and its present-day manifestations in all spheres of life in order to promote better understanding among ethnic and racial groups.

Several university departments participate in the minor in black studies including anthropology, economics, English, finance, geography, history, political science, and sociology.

Students interested in obtaining a minor in Black Studies, may do so by applying through the Center for Black Studies.

Eighteen hours are required for the minor, 12 hours from core courses and 6 hours from electives, or all 18 hours may come from core courses. There are two areas of concentration for the minor: (1) African American and (2) African. At least 12 hours must be from the major area of concentration.