Assessment Plans and Status Reports

Northern Illinois University has set in place policies and processes through our shared governance to ensure students meet university and program-specific learning outcomes. These policies and procedures are coordinated through the Office of the Provost, with direction, guidance, and oversight provided by several university committees and offices, including the Academic Planning Council, the University Assessment Panel, and the Office of Assessment Services. These university-level efforts are coordinated with college and program-level faculty and staff, and include the annual assessment update process, status reports, and program review.

The University Plan for Academic Outcomes Assessment is available here.

Annual Assessment Update

At Northern Illinois University, the annual assessment update process is one of several opportunities a program has to regularly and systematically revisit their assessment plan and make appropriate recommendations and adjustments to instruction, the curriculum, and/or elements of the assessment program itself. This is also an opportunity for the university to document the ongoing use of assessment data to inform program quality.

Access additional information on the annual assessment update process here.

Status Report

Completing the status report is a formal process whereby a program reflects and reports on the effectiveness of its entire assessment plan and assessment processes that have been put into place over a more extended period of time. Annual assessment updates feed into the status report. Status reports for academic degree programs are required approximately every four years (midway through the eight-year program review process in place at Northern Illinois University). This has been put in place to ensure programs have sufficient, high-quality data spanning at least five years, to make informed decisions that form the basis for mandated program review and accreditation needs. Status reports for student and academic support services are required every five years. Assessment plans and status reports are reviewed by the University Assessment Panel, which reports its findings to the Academic Planning Council.

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If you have any questions or concerns about assessment plans or status reports, please contact the Office of Assessment Services at (815)753-8659 or email