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The residence halls and Northern View Community apartments are great places to find your niche on campus. Whether you are a new first year, transfer or a returning upper class student, life on campus is full of opportunities to get engaged! When you live on campus, you have the distinct advantage to be surrounded by resources at your fingertips to help you achieve success.

Living on campus with our 5,000 other residents allows you to meet people from different cultures, countries and ethnic backgrounds that may become lifelong friends as well as forge relationships with staff that are here to support you along your journey. Residence hall communities are where you can live with other students and socialize with others who share your academic and career interests. Partnerships with faculty and student support centers enable you to learn where you live.

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Student Jobs in ResTech

Find out about student employment opportunities in Residential Technology.

Guide to On-Campus Living

Check out the Guide to On-Campus Living to get familiar with policies and procedures within residence halls. If you have any questions, speak with your Community Advisor or the Hall Director for your residence hall. We're happy to assist you!

Tour the Halls

Want to see the residence halls in person? Call us at 815-753-7462 to schedule a tour.

If you're unable to make it to campus, you can still learn about the residence halls online.

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