College Curriculum Committees (Bylaws, Article 5.2.1)

Membership to College Curriculum Committees

  • The composition of the college curriculum committee shall be determined by the regular full-time faculty within each college. The dean's or the dean's designee, shall serve as chair of the committee
  • Duties:
    1. Be responsible for studying, approving, disapproving, or returning for revision all proposals submitted by members of the college faculty or by department curriculum committees for establishing new courses, programs, or curricula, for deleting or substituting courses, and for changing existing courses, programs, or curricula.
    2. Submit all college proposals involving the general education program and new or revised undergraduate programs to the Baccalaureate Council or its appropriate standing committee with its recommendation.
    3. Submit all proposals involving new or revised graduate programs to the Graduate Council.
    4. Submit all proposals involving changes in the curriculum of the College of Law to the faculty of that college.
    5. Initiate curricular proposals.
    6. Subject to Article 4.1.5 of these bylaws, have final authority for the substitution, alteration, addition, or deletion of courses other than those involving the general education program. It shall report final recommendations on undergraduate curriculum matters to the Baccalaureate Council's standing committee on curriculum, and, on graduate curriculum matters, to the Graduate Council.

College Curriculum Committee Membership 2022-2023

  • College of Business
    • Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

    • Graduate Curriculum Committee

  • College of Education
    David Walker, Associate Dean

  • College of Engineering and Engineering Technology
    Mansour Tahernezhadi, Senior Associate Dean

  • College of Health and Human Sciences
    Michael Kushnick, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

  • College of Law
    Yolanda King, Associate Dean, Chair

  • College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
    Taylor Atkins, Associate Dean, Chair
    Leslie Matuszewich, Associate Dean
    Stanley Arnold, History
    Jeremy Groves, Economics
    Larry Lurio, Physics
    Emily McKee, Anthropology
    Virginia Naples, Biological Sciences
    Francisco Solares-Larrave, World Languages and Cultures
    Steven Estes, CLAS Advising
    Suzanne Hogan, Office Administrator

  • College of Visual and Performing Arts
    Ed Klonoski, Associate Dean

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