Campus Experiences


When you study psychology at NIU, you get to work with faculty members conducting research in dynamic laboratories and facilities. Our Psychological Service Center provides an excellent setting in which clinical services are provided to both university and community clients and clinical supervision is provided to students by department faculty.

We house a wide array of technology used in conducting psychological research including radio telemetry recording hardware and software, digital video recording and behavioral coding software, an infant simulator, operant conditioning chambers, high performance liquid chromatography and electrochemical detectors, biological assay and histology laboratory, surgical laboratory, laser scanning microscope, epifluorescence microscope and extensive psychophysiological monitoring equipment and data analysis software (e.g., facial electromyography, heart and respiration rate, skin temperature and conductance, actigraph monitors).

Our student organizations are an active and vital part of your program and our honors program provides a challenging educational experience for students of high academic promise and achievement in psychology.