Undergraduate Programs


We offer an undergraduate major leading to either a Bachelor of Arts degree or a Bachelor of Science degree, allowing you maximal flexibility in tailoring your program of study to your intellectual interests. Students interested in literature and foreign languages are better served by the B.A. degree track, whereas students interested in the sciences and mathematics are better served by the B.S. degree track. The two degree tracks also allow students in any degree program to easily add philosophy as a second major. Either degree can be completed as part of the six-year (3+3) accelerated program leading to the J.D. degree in the College of Law, and either degree can be received with departmental honors.

In addition to the major, the department offers a program of study leading to a minor in philosophy, which is a rewarding complement to nearly any major, it coordinates the undergraduate certificate of study in applied ethics, and it participates in the minor in cognitive studies.

NIU Career Services provides assistance with career decision making, career preparation, internships, job searches and graduate school applications. The Philosophy page of the NIU Major WebLinks provides a wealth of career-related information for philosophy majors.

Prospective students with questions about the philosophy programs should contact the department at askPhilosophy@niu.edu.

Contact Us

Add/Drop, Course Permits

Jessica Williams
Phone: (815) 753-0331
Email: askPhilosophy@niu.edu

Undergraduate Advisor

Prof. Steve Daskal
Office: Zulauf 1026
Phone: (815) 753-6410
Email: sdaskal@niu.edu

For Transfer Credit email syllabus and info to:

Prof. David J. Buller, Chair
Email: buller@niu.edu