Free Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Courses

Susan Harwood Training Grant Program

This training is brought to you through the Susan Harwood Training Grant, targeting small businesses, at-risk, and hard-to-reach workers. NIU is proud to receive this grant and provide you with these classes.

As part of the grant program, NIU offers two or four hours of mental health and suicide prevention training for free.

All courses will cover the same material focusing on mental health and suicide prevention topics. The length of the class represents the depth of material it will cover, however, topics are the same for two-hour and four-hour classes.

Training for Small Businesses, At-Risk, and Hard-to-Reach Workers

Due to various factors, in the past few years, the number of workers, suffering from anxiety, depression, and committing suicide, has increased substantially. To lower and attempt to eliminate workplace mental health and suicide fatalities, NIU has developed a training program for workers and employers recognition, avoidance and prevention of mental health stressors and conditions in the workplace, including those which can lead to suicide. The goal is to provide stress management tools and minimize suicide, attempts and fatalities by implementing an effective training program for workers and employers who are working in high-hazard industries, working in industries with high fatality rates, working in small businesses or working with limited access to occupational safety and health training.

This training will cover subjects related to mental health and suicide prevention addressing topics related to physical and mental health practices, managers, skill sets to support, mental health, work life, balance, tools, equity, diversity, and inclusion and getting help for yourself and learning more about preventing suicide. Classroom-based and virtual instructions will help workers and employers learn how to get help for someone in crisis read the warning signs of suicide and explore resources related to mental health. During training, students will receive posters, handouts, manuals and workbooks to help with mental health awareness and suicide prevention in the workplace.

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