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NICNE receives $250,000 in state funds to further work of 81Thrive

Stadelman secures grant to help build nonprofit capacity

A $250,000 state grant will help the Northern Illinois Center for Nonprofit Excellence (NICNE) continue the capacity-building work of its 81Thrive initiative that began as a COVID-19 response and is credited with stabilizing seven local philanthropic organizations jeopardized by the global pandemic.

Leaders of three of those agencies – Northwest Community Center, Jeremiah Development and Court Appointed Special Advocates – will join NICNE Executive Director Pam Clark Reidenbach and State Senator Steve Stadelman at a news conference to discuss how the state funding Stadelman secured will strengthen 100 nonprofit groups NICNE serves.

"Senator Stadelman learned of the needs of the nonprofit sector and asked NICNE how he might help," Reidenbach said. "We appreciate that Senator Stadelman recognizes nonprofits are reporting uncertainty for the future and a return to normalcy weighs heavy on staff and volunteers. He understands the importance of being creative and resourceful and deepening collaborations to solve social issues."

"Without question, our local nonprofits played a vital role in helping people across the community cope with various hardships of the pandemic," Stadelman said. "As a nonprofit affiliate of Northern Illinois University based in Rockford, NICNE is in a unique position to provide tools and expertise to reinforce the efforts of a network of charitable groups that make the Rockford region a better place to live."

During the height of the pandemic, NICNE convened and led the 815 Community Resource Team (815CRT) and delivered Diversity, Equity and Inclusion training for hundreds of nonprofit leaders and employees to address social injustice and polarizations in our community. Currently, NICNE is a community navigator for the state's Back 2 Business economic stimulus program, offering information and technical assistance to eligible nonprofits.

2020 State of The Nonprofit Sector Report

The Northern Illinois Center for Nonprofit Excellence (NICNE) for the past few years has conducted a salary and benefits survey gathering and summarizing compensation and benefits information to ensure competitive wages and benefits within the sector. This year, NICNE responded to the desire of local nonprofits leaders to collect additional information and data specific to the state of the sector in Winnebago and Boone Counties to further professionalize the sector and provide evidence of its social and economic impact

View the 2020 Winnebago and Boone Counties State of The Local Nonprofit Sector report. We welcome your feedback and hope you find the information helpful.

Lead Louder: A Call To Action for Area Nonprofits

Rockford Mayor Tom McNamara calls nonprofits to "Lead Louder" at NICNE's workshop on Mission Advocacy

Rockford's Mayor, Tom McNamara, called nonprofits to "Lead Louder" in the community while doing their vital work at the Stand For Your Mission workshop at NIU – Rockford on March 8, 2019. During his TOM-Talk, Mayor McNamara highlighted the often-difficult cases and causes area nonprofits advocate for, and the compassionate care shown to some of the most vulnerable people in our community through that work. On behalf of the City of Rockford, Mayor McNamara thanked area nonprofits as they "do some of the most important work in the city."

The Mayor noted that Rockford is a far stronger city because of this work; Nonprofits "don't just provide services and programs, [they] provide hope. A city can be measured by how they treat their most vulnerable," and he believes that nonprofits are often "too quiet about the tremendous role and impact [they] have in our community, and in cities across the country. Nonprofits are the backbone to our city" and need to be increasingly bold about sharing that message – "Stand up, stand tall", and "Lead Louder"!

Frank Martinelli of The Center for Public Skills Training of Milwaukee empowered more than 80 area nonprofit leaders and board members with tools and tips on how to use advocacy to best support their mission and make a greater impact. The workshop included a panel of experienced and impassioned leaders who shared how they use advocacy in their work to make a difference in the community and to educate local, state and federal elected officials about their work and mission while urging them to consider the needs of nonprofits and their participants when making decisions and passing legislation.

Thank you to our panel of speakers, Dr. Litesa Wallace, Deputy Director of Program Management and Operations – City of Rockford Human Services Department; Eric Brown, Education & Advocacy Coordinator – RAMP; Maureen Mostacci, Executive Director – Rockford Sexual Assault Counseling; and Phil Eaton – President & CEO – Rosecrance Health Network for making such a powerful impact! Thank you to United Way of Rockford.

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