Transfer Credits

Coursework that is equivalent to NIU courses will be transferred and fulfill the academic requirements for general education, your major or your minor. Classes that do not transfer will be considered elective courses and will not count toward finishing your degree.

General education courses are required in order to receive a bachelor’s degree in the U.S. If these courses were not taken at your previous university, you will need to complete them before graduating from NIU, as well as any unfulfilled coursework requirements for your major.

Who transfers credits?

U.S. Credits

The Transfer Center will evaluate transcripts from accredited U.S. universities.

Foreign Credits

General education credits

The International Admissions Office will evaluate general education course fulfillment.

Other coursework

To receive credit for courses other than general education courses, you will need to request transfer credit from the academic department

  • Request transfer credit from the academic department by submitting:
    • Your official transcript
    • Syllabus from each course
    • Official translation (if the documents were not issued in English)

The department will evaluate the documents to determine which classes will count for credit toward your degree.