SharePoint Roles and Responsibilities

Division of IT

  • Maintain the site request process
  • Create site collections with requested attributes 
  • Maintain SharePoint Users Group for sharing relevant news with site collection owners
  • Maintain SharePoint Sites List of site collections and their owners
  • Tier 3 technical support, including site collection size adjustments and working with the vendor for tenant-wide issues

Colleges, Divisions, and Departments – Site collection owner

  • Certification from SharePoint Online Essentials Lynda course (a required part of the site request process)
  • Consider appointing a content manager 
  • Read and understand the SharePoint Online at NIU overview
  • Manage site design and organization
  • Create requested subsites
  • Manage site access
  • Train local site users
  • Participate in SharePoint Users Group. This includes sharing solutions to the more difficult problems you’ve encountered and helping guide institutional best practices.
  • Tier 1 & 2 technical support
  • Coordinate with DoIT for Tier 3 support
  • Adhere to NIU’s Acceptable Use Policy
  • Adhere to NIU’s Privacy Policy

Site Collection Owners - Launching and supporting a site collection

  • Best practices for launching a site collection
    • 2-4 weeks before launch, inform faculty and staff of the upcoming site and what it will be used for, and especially what it’s replacing.
    • While email is a good announcement tool, consider departmental meetings and/or newsletters.
    • Give demos.
    • Share Lynda training courses and videos.
  • Technical Support - The DoIT Service Desk will not be able to help with site collection access or configuration and will have to refer callers back to their local IT support.
    • Create local processes for support.
    • Communicate those processes in all training, demos, and communications.
    • Consider having a statement about support on your SharePoint homepage.
  • Moving Forward
    • Encourage all support staff to participate in the SharePoint Users Group.
    • Communicate new features to faculty and staff.
    • Promote SharePoint success stories to keep participation high.