DoIT Premises Access Policy

Approved: April 2018

This Policy applies to all Northern Illinois University (NIU) spaces managed by the Division of Information Technology (DoIT).

Any and all Colocation Clients are deemed independent contractors and not employees or partners of NIU. This Policy does not replace any memorandumof understanding or other agreements executed by the parties.

Requesting Access

  1. All requests for access shall be initiated with NIU’s ServiceDesk / NIMC Support ( or 815-753-8100 or 877-753-8100)
  2. Client must complete a Colocation Access Form, attached herein as Attachment A and made a Part hereof, for each Representative who requires access to NIU facilities. Clients may change or add representatives by submitting a new Colocation Access Form. 

Client Requirements

  1. Client must limit their access to only those rooms and areas required to perform work on their equipment. Any access to areas not required by the nature of their work is grounds for the revocation of access privileges.
  2. Client will not allow unauthorized or unapproved personnel into NIU facilities without the knowledge and prior consent of NIU.
  3. Client shall leave wet clothing and belongings such as umbrellas, coats, or bags at the door.
  4. Client shall not bring food or drinks into the Colocation Facility.
  5. Client shall only handle and manipulate its own hardware located within its own racks. Clients who share cabinets with other clients should only de-energize or unplug their own equipment and must never de-energize power strips located with the cabinets.
  6. Client shall place all small amounts of trash in containers provided. Large volumes of trash such as cardboard boxes and shipping materials must be removed from the Colocation Facility and disposed of off-site.
  7. Client shall keep its assigned area clean and clear of debris at all times. Spare parts or other supplies must be kept in previously-arranged or contracted storage.
  8. Client shall not take photographs or create video recordings inside the colocation facility unless previously approved by NIU.
  9. Client warrants that it will undertake all reasonable care and conduct itself reasonably while on NIU’s premises.
  10. Client shall indemnify, defend and hold NIU harmless (including but not limited to all attorneys’ fees, court costs and legal expenses), for any breach of this Policy, any injury loss, damages, death, damages or destruction of property, for breach of any laws or regulations, any criminal or civil suits, claims, demands or actions, to the extent caused or attributable to Client.
  11. Client shall ensure it has adequate insurance coverage for its employees and contractors and for any work, obligations, actions or liabilities it may engage in or incur while accessing NIU’s premises and shall submit proof of such insurance, if requested by NIU., Client is not eligible for NIU or State of Illinois insurance policies such as workers compensation coverage. Obtaining or showing proof of insurance coverage shall not be deemed to limit Client’s liability or obligations under this Policy.

Failure to comply with the above requirements shall be handled on a case-by-case basis and may include revocation of colocation privileges, as well as restitution for any damages caused. 

Specific Client Requirements for NIU Rockford

  1. Planned work must be scheduled with NIU Rockford’s staff.
    1. A minimum of two weeks notification is recommended for scheduled work during normal business hours (7:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday).
    2. A minimum of 24 hours notification is required for work during normal business hours.
    3. A minimum of 48 hours notification is required for planned work during non-business hours.
  2. During normal business hours, regardless of type (planned or emergency), access to equipment shall be given by NIU Rockford Staff.
  3. NIU Closure dates. See the Human Resource Services website for all other dates and schedules.
  4. Access to Client equipment during non-business hours (e.g. emergency or planned) shall be given by keys that are on loan to Client.
    1. NIU’s Key Control office will issue the appropriate electronic key for any building entrance or premises access. Client’s may find contact information for Key Control.
    2. Electronic key access shall be only for non-business hours.

Board of Trustees of                                                                                                      Client

Northern Illinois University                                                                                        _________________________________


By: _______________________                                                                               By: ________________________


Name: ____________________                                                                                Name:     ____________________


Title: _____________________                                                                                Title: _______________________


Date: _____________________                                                                               Date: _______________________





By: _____________________________________




Title: Chief Information Security Officer


Date: ____________________



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