Fall 2017 Courses

PHYS 150, Physics: Dr. Coutrakon: Section 1

PHYS 151, Physics Laboratory: Dr. Coutrakon

PHYS 162, Online, Elementary Astronomy: Dr. Hedin: Section 1

PHYS 162, Elementary Astronomy: Dr. Zutshi: Section 2

PHYS 162, Elementary Astronomy: Dr. Hedin: Section H1

PHYS 180, Acoustics, Music, and Hearing: Dr. Ito

PHYS 210, General Physics I: Dr. Brown

PHYS 211, General Physics II: Dr. Adelman

PHYS 252, Intermediate General Physics: Dr. Van Veenendaal

PHYS 253, Fundamentals of Physics I: Mechanics: Dr. Chmaissem

PHYS 253H, Fundamentals of Physics I: Mechanics: Dr. Chmaissem

PHYS 253, Fundamentals of Physics I: Mechanics (TLC): Dr. Eads

PHYS 253, Fundamentals of Physics I: Mechanics (TLC): Dr. Coutrakon

PHYS 273, Fundamentals of Physics II: Electromagnetism: Dr. Van Veenendaal

PHYS 283, Fundamentals of Physics III: Quantum Physics: Dr. Lurio

PHYS 284, Quantum Physics Laboratory: Dr. Lurio

PHYS 300, Analytical Mechanics I: Dr. Dabrowski

PHYS 320, Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics: Dr. Ito

PHYS 359, Special Topics in Physics - The Bohr-Einstein Debates and Measurement in Quantum Physics: Dr. Zutshi

PHYS 367, Waves and Vibrations: Dr. Ito

PHYS 375, Laboratory Electronics I: Dr. Xiao

PHYS 401, The Professional Physics Teacher: Dr. Eads, Dr. Miller

PHYS 430/530 Optics: Dr. Baldini

PHYS 460/PHYS 560, Quantum Physics: Dr. Thompson

PHYS 470/PHYS 570, Electricity and Magnetism II: Dr. Martin

PHYS 480/PHYS 580, Condensed Matter & Material Science: Dr. Dabrowski

PHYS 490X, Science Across Time & Culture: Dr. Fix

PHYS 495/PHYS 595, Teaching of Physical Sciences: Dr. Eads, Dr. Miller, Dr. LaDue

PHYS 498/PHYS 499H, Senior Seminar/Senior Project in Physics: Dr. Thompson

PHYS 600, Classical Mechanics: Dr. Chakraborty

PHYS 660, Quantum Mechanics I: Dr. Winkler

PHYS 671, Electromagnetic Theory II: Dr. Erdelyi

PHYS 673, Beam Physics I: Dr. Piot

PHYS 680, Introduction to Nanophysics, Dr. Xiao