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We’d like to partner with you to promote student career success. Our collaborations are based upon a blended service model:

  • As the central career office available to all NIU students, we offer a broad and deep collection of educational services and employer connections to address universal career planning needs.
  • We’re dedicated to building specialty services and liaison relationships with academic departments and campus offices to foster student engagement with career development.

Faculty and Staff Testimonials

Laurie Elish-Piper

I have had the pleasure of collaborating closely with the Career Services team. Through those experiences, I learned first-hand that Career Services is an essential contributor to NIU’s keystone goal of Student Career Success. They provide a wide variety of professional development workshops to help our students explore career opportunities and to develop the professional skills that employers expect. Career Services ensures that our students have career-focused support from the moment they enroll at NIU.

Laurie Elish-Piper, Ph.D.
Dean, College of Education
Presidential Teaching Professor, Literacy Education

Don Bramlett

My experience with Career Services over the years has been excellent! They provide great services to assist the students with whom I interact. They are always helpful as my students matriculate through NIU, providing expert guidance on how to obtain internships and jobs following graduation. I view Career Services as one of the university’s most outstanding student services offices.

Don Bramlett, Ed.S.
Graduation Specialist/Advisor to Black Male Initiative (BMI), Latino Student Alliance (LSA), and Supporting Opportunities for Latinos (SóL)

Bridget Yochem

I frequently send students directly to Career Services’ career counselors for assistance. Knowing that these professionals have a strong understanding of majors in our department instills confidence in their ability to assist students with whatever they need, whether it’s resume help or changing their entire career plan. Occasionally, I work with students whose first plan didn’t work out how they expected. When these students make their way to Career Services, they are reassured that they can still pursue an excellent career in a field that they are passionate about and are provided resources on how to make that happen.

Bridget Yochem, M.S.Ed.
Academic Advisor, College of Health and Human Sciences

Larissa Barber

I have greatly appreciated my collaborations with Career Services and their continued support of our psychology undergraduate student majors. Staff members in this office have been critical to helping our students connect with employers related to their major. The job search resources they provide also help support my objectives for incorporating more professional development information and opportunities into my courses. Students are always energized by class visits from Career Services staff members.

Larissa Barber, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Psychology

Nicholas Pohlman

Career Services has helped our students highlight their technical capabilities and has made them more at ease when seeking internships and employment.

Nicholas A. Pohlman, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering


Request a Workshop

NIU Career Services presents career-related workshops upon request to NIU classes, student organizations, and departments. To discuss career services for students in your classes, department or unit, email careerservices@niu.edu.

We invite you to meet employers at our career events. Employers are also available to visit classes and campus organizations. For more information, contact Cathy Doederlein, Director of Internships and External Relations, at cdoederlein1@niu.edu.

To showcase internship and job listings that reflect the interests of your students, we can create a custom “job widget” for installation on your department’s website. The widget will direct student traffic to filtered career opportunities in the Huskies Get Hired system. For more information, please inquire about HGH job widgets at careerservices@niu.edu.

To view internship and job opportunities for students, request a Faculty/Staff account within the Huskies Get Hired system. Click the red “Login to Huskies Get Hired” button and select the “Faculty” option on the next page; you will then be able to register for a new account.

Career Services collects information about student outcomes for internship and job acquisition and graduate school admission. Please refer students to our brief reporting form that allows us to capture and distribute information about the career successes of NIU students. For information about career outcomes data, contact Brandon Lagana, Director of Strategic Planning and Assessment, at blagana@niu.edu.

Are you looking for students to fill an internship or full-time job opening? Create an employer Huskies Get Hired account to post the opportunity in the HGH system in addition to your regular information distribution channels. Posting all internships and jobs in NIU’s Huskies Get Hired system ensures equal opportunity access for all students.

Unpaid internships have received increasing attention in recent years. Career Services defines internships as career-related work experiences; these experiences should facilitate student learning and benefit the student. For questions about internships, contact Cathy Doederlein, Director of Internships and External Relations, at cdoederlein1@niu.edu.

This document provides key information regarding reference letter writers’ responsibilities in regard to FERPA and discrimination laws:

These outlines provide language you can insert in your reference letters to better protect students’ confidentiality:

Collaborations to Meet Your Students’ Needs

Contact a Career Services staff member to learn about solutions for your students. Results from our partnerships include:

  • Presentations in classes or for student organizations; customized presentations are available
  • Development of classroom assignments, resources, or activities on career topics
  • On-site resume review clinics
  • Group career inventory assessment
  • Hands-on, advanced-level LinkedIn workshops
  • Industry-specific recruitment events
  • Verification of your students’ attendance at career fairs/events
  • Q&A at department meetings to share information about Career Services

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