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Tickets and Fines Information

It is your responsibility to pay close attention to parking signs and rules while parking on campus. NIU reserves the right to handle violations in accordance with State laws. This means that tickets that are incurred are the responsibility of the permit holder or the person whose name is on the vehicle registration card.

Here are some important rules for parking on the NIU campus.

  • Parking permits are required even during semester and holiday break periods and when classes are not in session.
  • Vehicles may receive more than one ticket during a 24-hour period (i.e. if parked at a 1 hour and 30 minute meter, you can receive one ticket for each hour and a half that the meter is expired).
  • Tickets issued to state-owned vehicles are the responsibility of the person to whom the vehicle was assigned at the time of the violation.
  • Tickets may be paid online using Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express.
  • Tickets designated by an asterisk (*) below can be discounted to one half the face value if paid within (2) calendar days.
  • The university may place financial holds on the records of students with unpaid parking tickets or may deduct via payroll for a faculty or staff member.

Parking Tickets and Amounts:

Altering or manufacturing a parking permit: $200

Failure to remove an old NIU parking permit: $10

Failure to report changes that affect parking privileges: $10

Failure to use flashers in a loading/unloading space: $10

Falsification of permit registration: $200

No Permit for Handicapped Space: $250

Improper display of permit: $5

Improper parking*: $20

Overtime Meter: $20 *Note that vehicles may receive more than one citation during a 24-hour period

Moving violations: $50 *These include: exceeding the posted speed limit, disobeying a stop sign, going the wrong way on a posted one-way street, driving off the roadway, and disobeying or moving a traffic control device.

No NIU Registration*: $50. A No NIU Registration ticket can be reduced to Permit Not Displayed if your permit is valid for the lot and is presented to Campus Parking Services within 10 calendar days of the citation date. A NO NIU Registration ticket can also be reduced to Visitor Fee once Campus Parking Services has verified that the individual is not affiliated with the university. If you pay the reduced fine online, please contact Campus Parking Services prior to making payment.

Permit not displayed: $5.

No parking zone: $50

Visitor Fee: $5

Overtime Parking: $30 *Note that vehicles may receive a citation every 15 minutes that they are parked over the time limit in a 15 minute space.

No Permit for Reserved Space: $100

Permit not valid for lot*: $50

Resident restricted zone: $20

Unattended vehicle with the motor running*: $10

Daily Fee: $5

Unauthorized use of a NIU Parking Permit: $200

Other Parking Administrative Fees:

Restitution of a Lost/Stolen permit: $30

Administrative fee: $100

Ticket Payments:

There are four different methods in which you can pay your ticket(s).

Please note: Any partial payments will be applied to your account until paid in full, and any contrary notation, writing, or indication on your check or payment instrument is not valid or acceptable.

  • Mail: Checks can be made payable to NIU
  • AIMS (Automated Issuance Management System): You can pay with your American Express, Discover, Mastercard, or Visa credit card
  • In Person: During our business hours, you can come into our office, located at 121 Normal Rd, and pay by Cash, Check, any of the four major credit cards, or by using Huskie Bucks.
  • Drop Box: A drop box is located on the east side of Campus Parking Services that is available 24/7


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