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Allison Kozinski

Name: Allison Kozinski

Major(s): Rehabilitation Services

Year in School: First-semester transfer

Mentor: Christina Odeh

Hometown: DeKalb, IL

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I am also involved in:
NIU Student Occupational Therapy Association
NIU Fencing Club

Scholarships I have received include:
Northern Pact Award
Huskie Legacy Award
NIU Transfer Scholarship
Kishwaukee Hospital Auxiliary Scholarship
Kishwaukee College Representative for the All-Illinois Academic Team
Phi Theta Kappa Illinois Regional Leader of Distinction Award
Phi Theta Kappa Terry Martin Award
Phi Theta Kappa Chapter Fellowship Award
Hallmark Member of the Alpha Rho Eta Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa
Doris Piatak Community Service Award

An academic goal
I want to learn as much information as I can about the various aspects of my field.  I also would like to become proficient in American Sign Language.

Career goal: 
I would like to become an occupational therapist and work with children with developmental delays or disabilities.

How will Research Rookies help you further your academic and career goals?
Research is an important aspect of the field of health sciences.  Working with my mentor will allow me to develop research and critical thinking skills and give me a greater understanding of the field of rehabilitative services.  The knowledge I gain will prepare me to participate in future research projects.  It will also help me to evaluate the results of published studies so that I can use evidence-based practice in my field.

What hobbies to you enjoy? What do you do in your free time? And/or what are a few fun facts about you?
I really enjoy being involved in campus clubs and organizations.  Not only is it a good way to collaborate with and learn from other members, but there are a variety of fun activities in which one can participate.  Volunteering is another important part of my life, whether it is helping at a local retirement center or community outreach events.  Some of the other activities I enjoy during my free time are bowling, baking, reading, and watching sports.  I am an avid fan of the Chicago teams.  Two fun facts about me are that I have been playing the piano for over ten years and have worked in the NIU Community School of the Arts office for over three years.