How to Enroll in a Themed Learning Community

TLC Enrollment

The first step to enrolling in a TLC is to find the TLC that’s right for you! Check out our TLC options for Fall 2015, and pick a theme that suits you.

Once you've determined which TLC you are interested in, you have the option to Pre-Enroll* in a TLC or to  follow the Traditional Enrollment Process:

Pre-Enrollment Process

To reserve your seat in a TLC (2-4 courses), complete the Pre-Enrollment Form and return it to the Office of Student Engagement and Experiential Learning via the directions below. This form allows you to rank your top three TLC selections. To help in your selection process, the back side of the Pre-Enrollment form contains a brief description of each TLC, as well as which classes are included and who can enroll in the TLC.

1) Download the Pre-Enrollment Form, exploring the TLC options that interest you most. Be sure to check out which classes are bundled in the TLC on the second page, and pick a TLC that meets your interests and needs!

2) Complete the Pre-Enrollment Form, ranking your top three choices

3) Return the form to the Office of Student Engagement and Experiential Learning via:
mail: Office of Student Engagement, Altgeld 100, DeKalb, IL 60115

4) OSEEL will pre-enroll you in your TLC courses in late April. They will appear in MyNIU as a part of your Fall 2015 schedule! 

5) Attend and orientation date and advising meeting (same day), and be sure to tell your advisor you have already enrolled in your TLC courses!

6) Enjoy your TLC in Fall 2015!

Traditional Enrollment Process

To follow the traditional enrollment process, you will need to discuss your TLC interests with your advisor in your advising session during summer orientation. To help facilitate this process, follow these steps:

1) Put the TLC classes into your Shopping Cart on MyNIU! When organizing your schedule for Fall 2014, make sure to select all the classes that are in the TLC you wish to enroll in. (See directions below).

2) Talk to your advisor at orientation! Make sure to speak with an advisor at orientation about TLCs, and he/she will assist you to plan for the TLC that’s right for you. This is the most important step!

3) Enroll in a TLC! After seeing your advisor at orientation during the summer, log back into MyNIU. Find your Shopping Cart, check the boxes next to your TLC classes, and click Enroll!


Step-by-step directions

Sign in to MyNIU using your Z-ID number and password.

Click MyNIU Student Center

Click Enrollment Shopping Cart (under your schedule)

Select Term (Fall 2015), then click Continue

Enter the Class Number of one of the TLC courses, then click Enter

Review the information to make sure it is correct and click Next

Repeat steps 5 & 6 to add all of the courses in the TLC to your Shopping Cart

You can now log out of MyNIU

*The Pre-Enrollment Form for Fall 2015 TLCs will be available soon!