Themed Learning Communities

Fall 2012 TLCs Open to Honors Students

Competing Global Perspectives (PDF)

POLS 285H: Introduction to International Relations
Section: T9H4
CNR: 15361
Instructor: Chris Jones
TTH 2:00-3:15, Campus Life Building 115

ARTH 282: Introduction to the Visual Arts
Section: T9H6
CNR: 5427
Instructor: Rebecca Houze
TTH 9:30-10:45, Jack Arends Hall 100

UNIV 101H: University Experience
Section: T9H5
CNR: 6667
Instructor: Denise Rode
TTH 12:30-1:45, Campus Life Building 110

For more information, please contact Christopher Jones at 815-753-9399 or

Cultural Intersections of Music and Literature (PDF)

MUHL 220: Introduction to Music
Section: T0H9
CNR: 5574
Instructor: Michael Duffy
TTH 9:30-10:45, Music Building 201

ENGL 116: Masterpieces of American Literature
Section: T0H1
CNR: 18753
Instructor: Timothy Ryan
TTH 12:30-1:45, DuSable Hall 270

UNIV 105: Introduction to Information Research
Section: T9H9
CNR: 19755
Instructor: Beth McGowen
T 11:00-12:15, Founders Memorial Library 297

For more information, please contact Michael Duffy at 815-753-9839 or