Themed Learning Communities

Fall 2013 TLCs Open to Future Teachers

Inspriring Today's Student to Become Tomorrow's Teacher (PDF)

Inspiring Today's Student


EFPE 201: Education as an Agent for Change
Section: T907
CNR: 12670
Instructor: Alan Clemens
TH 12:30-1:45, Wirtz Hall 103B

UEDU 101: Skills for Undergraduate Success
Section: T910
CNR: 11635
Instructor: Sarah Militz-Frielink
Th 10:00-10:50, Faraday Hall 237

UNIV 101: Skills for Undergraduate Success
Section: T909
CNR: 13045
Instructor: Megan Chiavini
MW 11:00-11:50, Wirtz Hall 202

LTRE 100: Communication Skills
Section: T908
CNR: 9688
Instructor: Daryl Long
MW 12:30-1:45, DuSable Hall 264

For more information regarding the Inspiring Today's Students to Become Tomorrow's Teacher TLC, please contact Megan Chiavini at 815-753-8080 or

Technology and Social Networking (PDF)

Promise CHANCE


TECH 294: Technology and Cultural Relevance
Section: T808
CNR: 12699
Instructor: Joe Bittorf
MW 9:00-10:15, Faraday Hall 144

UNIV 101: University Experience
Section: T809
CNR: 12003
Instructor: Tracy Ash
MW 11:00-11:50, Wirtz Hall 110

For more information regarding the Technology and Social Networking (PROMISE-CHANCE) TLC, please contact Tracy Ash at 815-753-8180 or