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collin thompson

Name: Collin Thompson

Cohort: Continuing Research Rookie

Major: Accountancy

Hometown: Oak Lawn, Illinois

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Bradrick Cripe

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 Project Title: An Analysis of Urban Non-Profit Firms versus Rural Non-Profit Firms

Project Overview: Prior research has suggested there is a relationship between non-profit board members and the firm's overall success (Brickley, Van Horn, Wedig). However, little research has been done beyond this. Our project aims to try and develop a list of known variables that have to do with the board of directors taken from the Form 990 Tax Return that have a direct effect on the firm's performance, efficiency, and ethics and how these variables impact the previously stated three characteristics. Non-Profits have a duty to be as fiscally responsible as possible, and our project aims to help them accomplish just that. Using government sources, we will collect the data on firms from urban and rural locations in order to have a variety of different sources that we can analyze in our project.