Our Office

Hello Huskies! 

While we will help anyone who contacts our office, our focus is on off-campus (any student living off-campus) and non-traditional. A non-traditional student may identify as any of the following: is 24 years old or older, has a dependent or children, is a military or veteran student, is married/divorced/widowed, is enrolled part-time, commutes, transferred, is an online learner, or lives off-campus. Students at Northern Illinois University. We understand that the life of an off-campus and/or non-traditional student can be very different from that of the typical college student. We realize that you often have many responsibilities outside your role as a student. Many of you work, have families, and have other obligations you have to balance. You certainly have unique challenges, and we are here to help make your college career a little smoother.

Off-Campus & Non-Traditional Student Services is here to provide you with programs, services, referrals, and a home away from home during your time at Northern Illinois University. Located in the lower level of the Holmes Student Center, rooms 023J and 023K (next to the large computer lab), we offer comfortable sofas, study tables, and great resources. If you need a place to take a break or eat between classes, come to the lounge to store your food in our full-sized refrigerator and use our microwave. If you need a place to stash your books during the day, we can sign you up for a locker in the basement of the Student Center.

In addition to monthly programs and newsletters designed just for you, we also have a weekly listserv to provide you with campus updates and remind you about great events at NIU. We can also help you find a roommate or locate housing options for your time here.

Please stop in and visit our office and lounge space (Holmes Student Center, rooms 023J and 023K), call us at 815-753-9999, drop us a line at ocntss@niu.edu, or better yet, like our Facebook page - Off-Campus & Non-Trad - and drop us a line. Any way you choose to contact us, we would be happy to assist you.

During your experience with Northern Illinois University, if you have any ideas that would improve the life of an off-campus or non-traditional student, please feel free to contact our office so that we may develop appropriate resources to assist you.