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Rec Rewards-Iron Huskie

Campus Recreation invites, encourages, and supports you in meeting your Health & Fitness goals!

The Iron Huskie – Rec Rewards Program is free and you can earn prizes as you complete milestones on your way to completing the full distance of a triathlon marathon.

What does it take to be an “Iron Huskie”?

Complete a triathlon race by combining swimming/strength training, running/jogging, and cycling at various distances. Incorporating these type of activities provides unique health benefits such as maintaining healthy weight, heart, and lungs in addition to overall wellness.

Swimming is a good all-round activity because it’s low impact and doesn’t cause a lot of stress to joints. Strength training is critical to weight control because it increases muscle mass and bone density which helps

Cycling increases cardio-respiratory fitness, muscular endurance, and tones muscles.

Running/jogging/walking increases bone density due to its weight bearing nature and tones your muscles. 

The Iron Huskie - Rec Rewards program...

allows you to track your exercise in the three triathlon categories for the entire semester. The goal is to complete an “Iron Man” distance of 140.6 miles consisting of:
2.4 mile swim (may substitute strength training)
26.2 mile run/jog/walk
112 mile bike ride (may substitute nutrition coaching sessions)  

How do you earn prizes?

You earn prizes by running/jogging/walking, cycling, strength training and/or swimming the distance of your choosing during the fall semester. Different prizes are relegated based on the events you complete – Gold, Silver, or Bronze.

Prize Levels

Activity Categories 

1. 2.4 mile swim (may substitute strength training)
2. 26.2 mile run/jog/walk
3. 112 mile bike ride (may substitute nutrition coaching sessions)

GOLD = Complete miles in all three activities
SILVER = Complete miles in any 2 of 3 activities
BRONZE = Complete miles in any 1 of 3 activities 


GOLD = Campus Recreation Portable USB Charger
SILVER = Campus Recreation Rec Rewards Tee Shirt
BRONZE = Campus Recreation Protein Shaker Bottle