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Top employers hire NIU students for careers and internships. Total jobs and internships posted to this system in 2013-2014 (fall & spring):

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Before You Get Started

All students participating in on-campus interviews must complete our Online Tutorial.

How to use Huskies Get Hired!

Check out our Quick Start Guide and complete the following steps:

  1. Upload your résumé

  2. Publish your résumé to one or more of the "résumé books"
    Employers can only view your résumé if it is published within a  résumé book.

  3. Start your search: Huskies Get Hired!
    In 2013-2014: 5,580 Jobs and 1,455 Internships were posted.


Important! Applying to most positions is a two-step process.

Many available positions require you to complete two important steps. Make sure that you

  1. Apply to the position using Huskies - Get Hired!


  2. Apply once again to the same position through the employer's individual job system.

We are here to assist you. Call or e-mail us with questions.