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Effective the first week of July, the current Huskies Get Hired! (HGH) system will migrate to a different provider for your internship and job search needs.

STUDENTS:  Please retrieve your documents and be ready to upload them into the new Huskies Get Hired! system after the new system goes live.  READ MORE DETAILS >>

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Right now, the Experience network powers Huskies Get Hired!. As of the first week in July, it will be powered by the Symplicity network.  Most of the functionality of the new provider will be very similar, yet you will have additional resources to assist in the completion of your personal and professional goals.

Students: What you need to do:

The migration will require that all documents currently residing in the current Huskies Get Hired! be uploaded into the new, Symplicity version of Huskies Get Hired! system.  

  1. Log in to Huskies Get Hired! (powered by Experience), retrieve and save any resumes and/or cover letters to an external drive or server.
    Educators will want to save credential files, too. Then once we migrate, you will upload your documents into the Huskies Get Hired! software powered by Symplicity.

  2. You may also want to make note of any jobs for which you have applied and are waiting to hear from an employer.

  3. If you need assistance, please read the "Steps to download your documents" located in the next section of this page.


If there are any questions, contact Career Services at 815-753-1641. Regards, Career Services Northern Illinois University 815-753-1641

Steps to download your documents

    1. Login to the current, eRecruiting version of Huskies Get Hired!
    2. Hover over DOCUMENTS on black toolbar at top of page
    4. Click on document you want to save

We are here to assist you. Call or e-mail us with questions.