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Why should you participate as an intern?

Employers look for graduates with experience in their field. An internship or co-op experience gives you the "competitive edge" by providing real-world experiences while you're taking classes toward a degree.  

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What can internships do for you?

"My time with IDOT to say the least has been an amazing one. Apart from a great supportive staff and benefits that come from the job this has really been a positive learning experience. Daily tasks include working with all type of applications providing support such as Access databases from making queries, reports, creating forms. All types of IT experience is learned here, helping others with SQL related inquiries or working with SharePoint for websites. I have expanded my knowledge technically let alone my communication skills have improved which is very important in the real world for any field. I recommend getting a internship for not only putting your foot in the door but the amount of knowledge you leave with is a outstanding one for your future."

- Gabriel Robles, senior Computer Science major