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Waivers and Scholarships

In addition to federal and state grants and federal loans, there are numerous scholarship programs, state and university waiver programs and educational assistance programs from various businesses, organizations and agencies that provide financial assistance for eligible students.


Waivers are similar to scholarships and are awarded by the university and various state agencies. Information on waiver programs can be obtained from the Scholarship Office opens in new window, Financial Aid Office opens in new window and college offices.

For graduate assistantship waivers and waiver programs for University employees and dependents you should contact Human Resource Services opens in new window.


Scholarships are financial awards generally based on certain eligibility criteria such as grade point average, class rank, program of study or ethnicity, etc.. There are numerous scholarships offered by a variety of organizations, and scholarships, like grants, are money you do not have to pay back.

Northern Illinois University’s Scholarship Office opens in new window can provide you with information on scholarship programs available through NIU. 

Where to send scholarship checks:

Northern Illinois University
Student Financial Aid Office
Attn: Scholarships
Swen Parson 245
DeKalb, IL 60115