About Student Affairs


The division has numerous departments and programs all focused on providing students with the information and support they need from the admissions application process through graduation. Through the programs and services in the division, we seek to actively engage students at every level and help them learn, develop and succeed inside and outside the classroom. 

We know that there are many family members, faculty, staff, community members, other students and alumni who are all actively engaged in increasing students’ overall success. To meet the diverse needs of our students, we are committed to creating strong collaborative working relationships with all of these allies.

We strive to make sure that every program and initiative aligns with our vision and NIU's mission so that students experience a cohesive, collegial, accessible and inclusive college experience.


Inspire students to discover and pursue their aspirations.


The Division of Student Affairs supports student academic and personal success. The division provides opportunities for engagement, leadership and services that promote student welfare and persistence through the collegiate experience in preparation for the entirety of their lives.

Core Values

The Division of Student Affairs is committed to:

  • Student-centered service
  • Collaborative partnerships focused on student success
  • Inclusive communities striving for equity and social justice
  • Professional growth and competency development
  • Ethical and efficient stewardship of resources

Messages from the Dean

Weekly messages