Ryzhov Research Group


In the News

  • Kevin Parker successfully defended his Ph.D. and accepted a position as a Senior Scientist at AbbVie Pharmaceuticals in North Chicago!
  • Undergraduate student Julia Hoffman applied and accepted an internship position with Argonne National Laboratory, focusing on Raman Spectroscopy.
  • Anthony Fanizza accepted an internship position at international polymer company, Covestro, on their analytical R&D Team.
  • Francis Esuon will participate in a summer research study with The Institute for the Study of Environment, Sustainability and Energy (ESE) at Northern Illinois University collaborating with Dr. Melissa Lenczewski, focusing on PFAS detection in the environment.
  • Kevin Parker has spent three weeks at the Fritz Haber Institute of the Max Planck Society (Berlin, Germany) to study the IR Spectroscopy of some of our deoxygenation systems under Dr. Gert von Helden.
  • Anthony Fanizza and Bobby King traveled to Columbus, Ohio for Anthony’s poster presentation at the annual MUACC conference detailing his recent work.
  • Ryzhov took a trip to visit the lab of Dr. Hao Chen at the New Jersey Institute of Technology to study how electrochemistry can be paired with mass spectrometry as well as other novel ionization techniques.
  • Further publications on the activation of cyclohexane by metal complexes as well as further mechanistic studies on deoxygenation have been published recently!
  • Undergraduate students Allie and Nic have officially accepted offers for graduate studies at The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and The University of Wisconsin-Madison, respectively!
  • Recent publications from our group and collaboration with the O’Hair group (University of Melbourne, Australia) have detailed the role of metal catalysts in C-H activation of ethane and hexane, as well as their role in deoxygenation and cracking of fatty acids.
  • Kevin Parker was awarded the Dissertation Completion Fellowship for his final year of graduate studies.