Our Donors

The Department of Philosophy is grateful for the support of the following individuals and corporations. Their generous donations to the department have supported student travel to present papers at philosophy conferences and funded events at which students and faculty gather for informal discussion. These contributions have greatly enriched the educational experiences of many students.

Accenture Foundation Inc. (Mr. Brian E. Hautzinger)
Mr. Jamin Asay
Mr. Chad Eugene Beck
Mr. Paul Bowen & Ms. Judith Strong
Mr. Mark J. Ciancanelli
Mr. William & Mrs. Karen Craig
Mrs. Laura J. Day
Dr. Theodore DiMaria, Jr.
Mr. Michael & Mrs. Mary Evans
Mr. Roger Geison
Mr. Edward & Mrs. Joyce Gough
Mr. Jack and Mrs. Kathleen Graff
Mr. Judson and Mrs. Joan Guest
Mr. Michael & Mrs. Joanna Heim
Mr. Darry C. Johnson
Mr. Dennis & Mrs. Nancy Johnson
Kraft Foods Matching Gift Program (match for Michael J. Evans)
Mr. Keith Kraseman
Mrs. Diana T. Lane
Lending Hand, Inc. (Mr. Leonard H. Hudson)
Mr. Bill & Mrs. Jan Klemick
Mr. David & Mrs. Carol Merrifield
Mr. Martin H. Milas
Mr. Michael Mulvey & Ms. Elisabeth Witt
Mr. Duane Mumma & Ms. Annette Dixon
Mr. Theodore L. Odendahl
Ms. Stephanie Taylor Olson
Dr. Wendy Sue Parker
Mr. J.R. & Mrs. C.B. Peters
Mrs. Carol-Lou Schmidt & Mr. Douglas McNames
Mr. Larry and Mrs. Katherine Starzec
Mr. Michael & Mrs. Tranatte Stevens
Drs. David and Sharon Sytsma
Mr. Robert Test & Mrs. Julia Lindley Loch
Mr. Gerald & Mrs. Gayle Wuori
Dr. H. Michael & Mrs. Joy Yehl
Mr. Wayne & Mrs. Pamela Zitzka