Featured Adult Learner: Roxanne Sorci

Roxanne is a counseling graduate student at NIU. She is going into her third year specializing in clinical mental health. She is hoping to graduate next May. Roxanne is hoping to work with individuals who have more severe mental health implications creating impairment in their every day life.

She chose to go into counseling after taking a year off between her undergraduate and graduate studies. Upon graduation from her undergraduate, she had several options to choose from for her future so she wanted to be certain she made the right choice so during that year she finalized her decision to go to graduate school for clinical counseling.

Roxanne made her decision by reflecting how intimate it is to be a part of someone's journey through life which is not something most professionals are able to experience.

During downtime, when there is any, Roxanne prefers to paint, read for enjoyment and be outdoors in the sunshine. Self-care is a major factor for a counseling profession so she had also recently started reading for pleasure and enjoying poetry. Right now, she has been reading a book by Yalom, Gifts of Therapy.

Her favorite memories of NIU thus far include when the weather gets nice and warm and you can finally spend time outdoors. She enjoys reading by the lagoon on campus, one of the hidden gems students are able to enjoy during the spring and summertime.

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