Demonstrate skills related to achieving personal and academic goals.

(Student Juggling Journal Entries)

  • “I know the first step towards juggling: start with one ball. Last week I started with two balls. Now I can learn the system. I just have to have Patience. Practice. Concentration.”
  • “When I hit 10 times with 3 balls I will move on to 3-columns or 4 balls. The practice has really helped me in achieving goals. Juggling has also taught me how to set good goals for myself and that will help me in life.”

What advice would you give to someone learning something new?

(Reflecting on our Juggling Journey, IL SEL Goal 1C. 2a.)

  • “Keep with it, do not give up. It is good when you drop a ball.”
  • “The advice I would give them is not to give up even when it’s getting tough and you think you can’t do something. I would also say it’s ok to be the only one who still doesn’t get it. It takes time for something like juggling to become easy.”