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Career Planning

Your history major will prepare you for employment in a wide variety of fields, but jobs will usually not seek you out. Whether you already have a job or are seeking a full-time position for the first time, you will need to prepare for a new career after you graduate. We can help!

You can start your career path inside the department by talking to our advisors and to your faculty mentor. If you intend to pursue educator licensure, it is vital that you connect with our program as soon as possible. If you are interested in law, check out our accelerated law program in partnership with the NIU College of Law and schedule a visit with our pre-law advisor. If you think you might want to pursue graduate study, visit our director of graduate studies. You might also consider a career in public history. To find out more about that path, contact our public history advisor

The department will help you along your journey towards an initial or a new career, but you can also make use of all the resources the university has to offer. If you are not pursuing one of the dedicated programs inside the department, you should connect with Career Services as early as possible. We also encourage you to participate in First and Second Year Experience, whether you are an incoming student or a transfer. There you will learn vital skills that will help you both at NIU and after.

Job postings

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As part of your preparation, you might consider an internship. For students interested in history-related internships, we help arrange placements under HIST 396. Contact Prof. Stanley Arnold for more information. The university will also help you find a suitable placement. Internship positions can turn into employment after the placement ends, so they are worthwhile to pursue. Even if they do not end in a job, they will give you vital skills and experiences that will aid in your job search. 

Internship opportunities

  • The LaSalle County Historical Society Museum Campus is currently accepting students seeking volunteer experiences or internships.  By constructing exhibits and conducting historical tours, students can hone their research strategy, enhance their communication skills, and practice presenting historical concepts to the public.  Working in our Collections and participating in our Inventory Project will familiarize students with proper handling and categorization of historical artifacts.  Entering information into our museum software requires careful attention to detail and provides practice collecting meaningful data relating to historical artifacts. Opportunities abound! Email


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