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Andrea L. Smalley

Current Research 

My new book, Wild by Nature: North American Animals Confront Colonization, examines the ways in which indigenous animals acted as obstacles to colonization in English America by complicating Anglo-American assertions of possessions. This study is a revision of my doctoral dissertation, "The Liberty of Killing a Deer: Histories of Wildlife Use and Political Ecology in Early America."

Major Publications

Courses Taught

  • HIST 171 The World Since 1500
  • HIST 260 American History to 1865
  • HIST 261 American History since 1865
  • HIST 359  History of Illinois
  • HIST 369 Women in US History
  • HIST 370  Introduction to American Indian History


Andrea L. Smalley

Andrea L. Smalley

Director of Secondary Teacher Licensure in History/Social Sciences and Associate Professor

Ph.D., Northern Illinois University, 2005

U.S., Environmental

Zulauf 605