Research and Education

The research goal of the Hearing Conservation Center is to evaluate the association of medical and audiological testing to identify physiological pathways that play a role in acquired sensorineural hearing loss. We specifically collect genetic and audiometric data on participants. Other medical tests are evaluated through database research.

Research Locations

Audiology Lab

Our audiology lab is located in Wirtz Hall, room 314. We are equipped to perform the following tests in the audiology lab:

  • Standard, extended-high frequency and speech audiometry
  • Otoacoustic emissions testing
  • Outer and middle ear screens

Genetics Lab

Our genetics lab is located in Wirtz Hall, room 312. It contains the equipment necessary for isolating DNA and preparing amplicons for sequencing.

If you have any questions about research in the Hearing Conservation Center, please contact our director, Charles Pudrith, at

Electronic Resources

We run analyses on publicly available databases with reported hearing loss. If you have any suggestions for databases for us to add, please email Charles Pudrith at

  • Deafness Variation Database: provides a comprehensive guide to genetic variation in genes known to be associated with deafness.
  • Hereditary Hearing Loss: lists all the identifications for monogenic nonsyndromic hearing impairment.
  • gEAR: is a multi-omic visualization tool that analyzes gene and protein expression on the cellular level.
  • AudioGene: is a learning algorithm that uses audiometric data to predict genotypes.

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