Madan Maharjan

Research Interests

My research focuses on

  • Spatial and temporal variations in groundwater and surface water interactions
  • Climate and Human impact on water quality and quantity
  • Solute and heat transport in shallow groundwater aquifers
  • Groundwater modeling

Recent Publications

Maharjan, M., and J. J. Donovan, (in preparation), Temperature variations in intermittently-pumped wells within unconfined alluvial aquifers.

Maharjan, M., and J. J. Donovan, 2016, Groundwater response to serial stream stage fluctuations in shallow unconfined alluvial aquifers along a regulated stream (West Virginia, USA): Hydrogeology Journal, p. 1-13.

Maharjan, M., and Y. Eckstein, 2013, Detecting transmissive bedrock fracture zones under cover of glacial formations using residential water-well production data: Hydrogeology Journal, v. 21, p. 1889-1900.


Fall 2017

  • GEOL 105 Environmental Geology
  • GEOL 390 Intro to Groundwater
  • GEOL 447/547 Quantitative Techniques in Geology

Spring 2018

  • GEOL 105 Environmental Geology
  • GEOL 490/590 Hydrogeology
  • GEOL 630 Groundwater Modeling

Visiting Assistant Professor

417B Davis Hall


Ph.D., Hydrogeology, West Virginia University
M.S., Hydrogeology, Kent State University
B.S., Geology, Tribhuvan University, Nepal

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