Barsema Alumni and Visitors Center Event Spaces

BAVC’s gorgeous, natural light is sure to energize and inspire your clients or guests. Whether you reserve space inside or outside, this beautiful venue will make a huge impression. For seating arrangements and room locations, please view the capacity chart and floor maps.

Capacity Chart

= Great space for weddings; = Great space for other celebrations or special events

Room configuration diagrams including classroom, theatre seating, U-shape, hollow square, tiered classroom, double "V", conference style and round table

Main Floor Room Specifications and Seating Capacity
Rooms sq ft Classroom Theater U-Shaped Rounds* Conference Hollow Sq. Cocktails A/V
Pollock Ballroom
4,500' 150 300 30 240 20 40 250 Projector, screen, microphones (HH and Lav), HDMI connections, slide advancer. Laptop available for rental.
DeBiase Board Room 950' 32 75 24 70 20 32 75 Projector, screen, microphones (HH and Lav), HDMI connections, slide advancer, white board w/markers. Laptop available for rental.
Stevens Conference Suite 190 407' N/A 20 N/A N/A 10 N/A 20 Stevens Suite 190: projector, screen, mic, VGA connection, white board w/markers.
Stevens Conference Suite 195 440' N/A 20 N/A N/A 10 N/A 20 Stevens Suite 195 White board and markers only
Stevens Conference Suite 190 + 195 847' 24 75 10 50 18 12 35 Projector, screen, mic, VGA connection, white board w/markers.
Ashelford Hall
2,600' N/A 50 N/A 70 N/A N/A 75 No built-in AV. Portable speakers available.
Castle Faculty Library
730' N/A 24 10 40 12 12 30 Portable projector only, small screen
Nelson Terrace
5,184 N/A 200 N/A 150 20 N/A 150 No built-in AV. Portable speakers available.

Floor Map

1st Floor

Ashelford Hall

Pollock Ballroom

Board Room
DeBiase Board Room

Meeting Room
Stevens Conference Suites
Suite 190
Suite 195

Flexible Event Space
Castle Faculty Library

Outdoor Space
Nelson Terrace

Tentant Area/Other

Hoffman Estates, Second Floor

Room Photos

Pollack Ballroom

Formal event set up

Special Moments

Share life's big moments with loved ones in unforgettable style.

Event room set up

Effortless Elegance

Let us take care of your banquet, ceremony or signature event.

Couple approach dance floor

Big Picture Perfect

Bring the whole team. We’ve got room for the biggest ideas.

DeBiase Board Room

Board Room

Meetings Made Easy

Get your group together in comfort and get on the same page.

Class room set up

Room to Learn

Professional yet relaxed, ideal for presentations and trainings.

Dinner set up

Distinctive Dining

A convenient fine dining option for your small or medium group.

Stevens Conference Suite

Presentation set up

Get Results

Bring your group and get down to business in this efficient space.

Classroom setup

Adaptable Design

We'll fit the layout and furnishings to the needs of your event.

Stevens group event

Work Together

Your team will have enough room to communicate and collaborate.

Ashelford Hall

Full hall event set up

Mix and Mingle

Conversations will flow under soaring ceilings and natural light.

High top table set up

Down to the Last Detail

Our experts will take care of everything, including striking décor.

Seated event set up

Custom Ceremonies

Let us create your ideal ceremony setting in this versatile space.

Castle Faculty Library

Room seating by fireplace

Tranquil Talks

Our cozy furnishings set the stage for close conversations.

Dinner set up

Exclusive Flavor

Your small group will savor fine dining in a private setting.

Doors open to Pollack Ballroom

Convenient Location

Allows for both privacy and easy access to adjoining spaces.

Nelson Terrace

Guests relaxing on the Nelson Terrace

Natural Ambiance

Your guests will enjoy gathering in the fresh air and sunlight.

Nelson terrace seated event set up

Unique Photos

Nature provides a one-of-a-kind backdrop for your ceremony or event.

View from Nelson Terrace facing building

Flexible and Spacious

Ample room for the evolving needs of your event or activity.

For Venue Policies, please contact your Event Manager.

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