Current Research

Learn more about our department's research areas. Our faculty are researching innovation in local governments, public budgeting and financial management and ways in which organizations in the public, private and non-profit sectors can work together to provide better public services.

Title Author(s) Year Publication Research Area
Political Fragmentation & Economic Growth in U.S. Metropolitan Areas Goodman, Christopher B. Forthcoming 2020 Journal of Urban Affairs Local Government
The Consequences of Specialized Governance on Spending and Expansion of Public Transit Goodman, Christopher B., Leland, Suzanne M., and Smirnova, Olga Forthcoming 2020 Local Government Studies Local Government
Organizational Identity Orientation: A Public Sector Research Agenda Langer, Julie and Feeney, Mary Forthcoming 2020 The Handbook of Research on Motivation in Public Sector Organizations Public Management Research
Who Will Risk Interlocal Collaboration? Walter, Evan and Thurmaier, Kurt Forthcoming 2020 Handbook of Collaborative Public Management Edward Elgar Publishing, Jack Meek, ed. Local Government Collaboration
An exploration of the relationship between autonomy congruence, perceived supervisor individualized consideration, and employee outcomes Jong, Jaehee and Ford, Michael 2020 Review of Public Personnel Administration Public Management Collaboration and Network Research
A Closer Look at What Goes Wrong: Public Employee Cynicism and Resistance to Administrative Reform Rho, Eunju, Jung, Juyong, and Nam, Taewoo 2020 International Journal of Public Administration Public Management and Organizational Behavior
Relative Managerial Networking and Performance: The Moderating Role of Environmental Context Rho, Eunju and Han, Sumin 2020 Public Administration Review Public Management and Organizational Behavior
Taking Context and Strategy Seriously: The Contracting Out Decision in the U.S. Public Education Rho, Eunju, Kim, Soojin, and Han, Sumin 2020 Public Management Review Public Management
Public Acceptance of Nuclear Energy Policies in South Korea Jung, Juyong and Rho, Eunju 2020 Global Encyclopedia of Public Administration, Public Policy, and Governance Public Policy
Embracing Technology: An Undergraduate Nonprofit Course to Improve Digital Literacy and Maximize Student Engagement Schatteman, A. and Liu, L.Y. 2020 Journal of Nonprofit Education and Leadership Non-Profit Management Research
Do Cities and Counties Attempt to Circumvent Changes in their Autonomy by Creating Special Districts? Goodman, Christopher B. and Leland, Suzanne M. 2019 The American Review of Public Administration 49 (2):203-217 Local Government/Public Budgeting and Financial Management
Local Government Fragmentation: What Do We Know? Goodman, Christopher B. 2019 State & Local Government Review 51 (2): 134-144 Local Government
The Fiscal Impacts of Urban Sprawl: Evidence from U.S. County Areas Goodman, Christopher B. 2019 Public Budgeting & Finance. 39 (4): 3-27 Public Budgeting and Financial Management
The generalizability of transformational leadership across cultures: a meta-analysis Crede, Marcus, Jong, Jaehee and Harms, Peter 2019 Journal of Managerial Psychology, 34(3), 139-155 Organizable Behavior
Racial diversity and task performance: The roles of formalization and goal setting in government organizations Jong, Jaehee 2019 Public Personnel Management, 48(4), 493-512 Public Management Collaboration and Network Research
Between a Scientist and a Government Employee: Analyzing the Occupational Identify of National Research Institute Researchers in Korea Nam, Taewoo, Jung, Juyong, and Rho, Eunju 2019 International Journal of Public Administration Public Management and Organizational Behavior
Understanding Regime Change Rho, Eunju 2019 Improving the Quality of Public Administration under Regime Change Public Management
Handing Over the Keys: Local Nonprofit Economic Development Corporations and their Implications for Accountability and Inclusion Deslatte, A., Schatteman, A., and Stokan, E. 2019 Public Performance and Management Review Non-Profit Management Research
Relationship between Capacity and Use of Performance Information in Nonprofit Arts Organizations Schatteman, A. and Liu, L.Y. 2019 American Journal of Arts Management Non-Profit Management Research
Performance Budgeting in Kenya: Challenges of Institutional Change & Communication Processes Muthomi, Frankline and Thurmaier, Kurt 2019 Ho, Alfred T., Maarten de Jong, and Zaozao Zhao, eds. Performance Budgeting Reform: Theory and International Practice. New York: Routledge. Performance Budgeting
Jurisdictional Overlap & the Size of the Local Public Workforce Goodman, Christopher B. 2018 State & Local Government Review 50 (1): 15-23 Local Government
Usage of Specialized Service Delivery: Evidence from Contiguous Counties Goodman, Christopher B. 2018 Publius: The Journal of Federalism 48 (4): 686-708 Local Government/Public Budgeting and Financial Management
The role of social support in the relationship between job demands and employee attitudes Jong, Jaehee 2018 International Journal of Public Sector Management, 31(6), 672-688 Public Management
Framework for understanding NPM reform initiatives Jong, Jaehee and Faerman, Sue 2018 Global Encyclopedia of Public Administration, Public Policy, and Governance. In A. Farazmand (Ed.) Springer, Cham. Public Management
Examining the Political Ambition of Nonprofit Organizational Leaders: Proactive Policy Promoters or Reactive Runners? LeRoux, Kelly and Langer, Julie 2018 Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly Non-Profit Management Research
Gendered Networking: Gender, Environment, and Managerial Networking Rho, Eunju and Lee, Kangbok 2018 Public Administration Review 78(3): 409-421. Public Management and Organizational Behavior
Collaboration Between Practitioners and Academics: Defining the Pracademic Experience Powell, E., Winfield, G., Schatteman, A., and Trusty, K. 2018 Journal of Nonprofit Education and Leadership Non-Profit Management Research
Getting Things Done with Courage and Conviction: Successful Management Strategies Serving Seven U.S. Presidents Ink, Dwight and Thurmaier, Kurt 2018 Melvin and Leigh Press Public Management
Nattering Nabobs of Negativism Are No Match for Participatory Budgeting Thurmaier, Kurt and Ceka, Erica 2018 PM Magazine (ICMA) July: 3-17 Participatory Budgeting
Interlocal Relations Ceka, Erica and Thurmaier, Kurt 2018 Federalism in America: An Encyclopedia. Center for the Study of Federalism Local Government Collaboration

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