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Geoscience is not just rocks, minerals and fossils. People with B.S. degrees in geoscience work in a wide variety of positions in research, industry, government, academia and nonprofit organizations. In most geoscience careers, you should expect to:

  • collect and analyze data in the lab or the field
  • work with computers and other high tech instruments
  • effectively communicate the results of your work; verbally, in writing and in visual, electronic formats
  • collaboratively work with colleagues
  • integrate and interpret data from a wide variety of sources and in a wide variety of formats
  • creatively develop new ways to solve problems 

Understanding each program emphasis

Choose this emphasis if you are interested primarily in earth science. Choose this emphasis if you want greater depth of study in earth science topics.

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Choose this emphasis if you have interests beyond earth science and want to study chemistry, anthropology, biology, geography or some other science in addition to earth science. This emphasis is designed to help you easily get a minor in these other disciplines.

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Choose this emphasis if they want an Illinois license to teach at the high school level. Teaching is a challenging and rewarding profession that gives you the rare privilege of shaping the minds and lives of young students. Teach a wide variety of science subjects: Students graduating in this emphasis will be licensed to teach regular high school biology, chemistry and physics, as well as earth and space science at the regular and honors level.

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