Student Advisory Safety Committee (SASC)


Mission Statement

The mission of the Student Advisory Safety Committee (SASC) is to promote, encourage and enhance the safety culture in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Northern Illinois University.

Initiative Status/Description
Mandate proper use and care of PPE in all departmental facilities “No PPE” signs were posted to public areas. Departmental wide laundering occurs at the end of each month during the regular semester.
Implement a system for Anonymous Safety Concern reporting Anonymous reporting mailbox is checked weekly.
Invited speakers discuss safety practices found in industry, etc. Participants: Argonne National Laboratory, Ecolab
Annual Laboratory Spring Cleaning Event Safety walk‐throughs are performed by participating graduate students. Chemical inventories are purged of old chemicals by participating groups.
Departmental Safety Training and Newsletter/Bulletin Board Coordinated online or in-person safety trainings with regular updates to department. Information consist of good safety practices and current events visible to faculty, staff, and students.
Coordinate efforts to improve safety hazards found in undergraduate and research laboratories A continued effort is put forth to identify and neutralize hazards in all labs. This included periodic safety shower and eye wash testing once a semester.

Invited Speakers

Philip T. McKittrick, Ecolab, 10‐16‐17
Bruce C. Stockmeier, Argonne National Laboratory, 4‐24‐17

SASC Members

Fall Semester 2018 Executive Board

Katarzyna Hoerchler (co‐chair)
Christopher Stewart (co‐chair)
Emily Dalbey
Andrew Feliciano
Dakota Grote

Fall Semester 2018 General Members

Hyeyoung Eom
Niyati Patel
Chaitanya Kondam


Spring Semester 2018 Executive Board

Katarzyna Hoerchler (co‐chair)
Christopher Stewart (co‐chair)
Harouna Amadou
Andrew Feliciano
Trevor Hedman

Spring Semester 2018 General Members

Sudeshna Chakraborty (coordinator)
Emily Dalbey (coordinator)
Michael Vega (coordinator)
Sally Yacout (coordinator)
Hyeyoung Eom
Dakota Grote


SASC Charter Document
SASC Safety Initiatives
University of Minnesota Joint Safety Team

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Student Advisory Safety Committee

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Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
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