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We host a Seminar Series for graduate students each semester. Speakers for Departmental Colloquium, CBBS and Divisional Seminars are announced here.

Current Graduate Colloquium Schedules

  • Departmental: Mondays at 4:00pm in La Tourette (FW) 201, unless otherwise noted. Each seminar is preceded by coffee at 3:30pm in La Tourette 300.
  • Center for Biochemical and Biophysical Studies (CBBS): Fridays at 12:00pm in La Tourette 201.
  • University‐wide graduate colloquium events

Archived Graduate Colloquium Schedules

Divisional Seminar Schedules

Seminar Proposal Procedure

Our graduate colloquium speakers are funded through graduate student fees. Proposals may be submitted by graduate students or graduate faculty working with their graduate students. Each colloquium is to be cosponsored by at least one graduate department or approved academic program or center. Graduate students must be involved in speaker and topic selection, proposal preparation and speaker arrangements. The proposal must indicate their role in the process. See Procedures for Graduate Students on How to Invite Chemistry/Biochemistry Colloquium Speakers, Graduate School Proposal Information and Guidelines, the Proposal Form, an example of a successful submission and the Schedule Template.

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