Representative Publications

Pillow, B. H. (2002). Children's and adults' evaluation of the certainty of deductive inferences, inductive inferences, and guesses. Child Development, 73, 779-792.

Pillow, B. H., & Anderson, K. L. (2006). Children's awareness of their own certainty and understanding of deduction and guessing. British Journal of Developmental Psychology,
24, 823-849.

Pillow, B. H., Lovett, S. B., & Hill, V. (2008). Children's, adolescents', and adults' explanations of interpersonal actions. Infant and Child Development, 17, 471-489.

Pillow, B. H., & Pearson, R. M. (2009). Children's and adults' evaluation of their own inductive inferences, deductive inferences, and guesses. Merrill-Palmer Quarterly, 55, 135-156.

Pillow, B. H. (2012). Children's discovery of the active mind: Phenomenological awareness, social experience, and knowledge about cognition. New York, NY: Springer Publishing.

Pillow, B. H., Pearson, R. M., & Allen, C. (2015). Young children's inductive generalizations about social categories: When is gender essential? Merrill-Palmer Quarterly, 61,

Pillow, B. H., & Pearson, R. M. (2015). Children's judgments of the controllability of cognitive activities. Metacognition and Learning, 10, 231-244.

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