Research Participants

On behalf of myself and my graduate students, I would like to thank the children, parents, teachers, and school administrators who have participated in our studies. We greatly appreciate your time and effort.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find out the results of a study conducted at my school?

Summaries of completed and published research reports are available.  Please request a copy of the article that reports work done at your school by email. Some results also are reported on the Presentations page.

Is my child's performance confidential?

Yes.  We record each child's age and gender. Then each child is assigned a number, and children's names are not retained. We do not report results for individual children. Only averages for each age group are reported.

Do the results indicate my child's level of intelligence or academic ability?

No. Our studies assess age differences in the development of particular concepts or reasoning abilities but do not assess children's general intellectual ability.

What happens if my child does not wish to participate?

Children are free to decline to participate in research. Researchers will approach children whose parents have given written consent and ask children if they would like to participate. If a child says "no", then the child will not participate.  Likewise, if a child seems uneasy or asks to stop participation, we will cease testing.

Where and when will the research be conducted?

The time and place for conducting research will be determined by teachers and school administrators. Typically, research is conducted in a quiet corner of the classroom, in a library, office, or hallway at a time that is least disruptive to the classroom.

How are the results of the research used?

We will publish the results in academic journals and present them at conferences. Thus, the results will become part of the base of information that psychologists may draw from when trying to understand children's development. In addition to informing psychological theories and research, these results also may be useful for educators and others working with children.

If I have concerns about research, who can I contact?

Questions about research projects can be addressed to me either by phone, 815-753-7079, or email, In addition, concerns may be raised with NIU's Office of Research Compliance, 815-753-8588.

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