Cognitive Development Lab


In the Cognitive Development Lab, we conduct research on the development of cognitive abilities from preschool through adolescence.  Although the emphasis is on social cognitive and metacognitive development, students have pursued projects examining other areas of cognition as well.  The lab includes both graduate students and undergraduates.  The lab is located on the third floor of the Psychology-Computer Science Building, in rooms 331 D-G.  Facilities include workspace with computer stations for data entry and analysis, and rooms for data collection and storage.  Some data collection is conducted in the lab rooms; however, much of our research is done offsite at participating schools.

Independent Study

Undergraduates interested in participating in research via Independent Study (Psychology 485) or as volunteers are welcome to contact me by email or stop by my office in room 353.  Students enrolled in Independent Study may participate in all phases of a research project, from planning a study to collecting, coding, and analyzing data.  To participate in Independent Study, students should have at least sophomore standing and at least a 3.0 Psychology GPA and 3.0 Overall GPA, as well as a strong interest in developmental psychology and research.   In addition to participating in research, Independent Study students complete reading assignments and write a term paper.  Students may enroll in 1-3 credits of Psychology 485 each semester.  Highly motivated students are encouraged to inquire about assisting with research projects being conducted by members of the Cognitive Development Lab.  Duties typically include helping with data collection and coding.

Graduate Study

Students interested in graduate study may find more information on the pages for Research, Publications, and Presentations.


Current Graduate Students

Chun-Hao Chiu

Taneisha Vilma

Past Graduate Students

Sandra Arntz, Ph.D. 1999

Sara Voelz, M.A. 2001

Samuel Aloian,  Ph.D. 2003

Valerie Hill, Ph.D. 2007

William Zingrone, Ph.D. 2010

Stephanie Welsh, M.A., 2012

RaeAnne Pearson, Ph. D. 2014

Bradford H. Pillow

Phone: 815-753-7079

Inquiries about the graduate Developmental Psychology Program are welcome.

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