Boey Honors Program

The Boey Honors Program is an academic program that focuses on the success and development of the Asian and Asian- American students on campus. The focus of the program is streamlined into four pillars designed to foster academic achievement, promote cultural education, improve leadership skills, and engage in community service. Learn more about the program pillars, membership benefits and application process.

Mission and Values

As an extension of the Asian American Resource Center, the primary focus of the Boey Honors Program is to recognize and support the academic excellence of Asian and Asian American students at NIU. The mission is to facilitate this focus through four strategic pillars that encourage academic achievement, promote cultural education, develop student and professional leadership and engage members in service opportunities.

  • Academic achievement
  • Cultural diversity/engagement
  • Leadership
  • Service/community

Robert and Doris Boey

Robert Boey and his wife, Doris, have served as distinguished members of the NIU community for years. Together, the Boeys have aided the growth and betterment of the community in a capacity of ways, some of which include having been donors to the NIU Foundation and serving as advocates and mentors for the Asian and Asian-American population on campus.

Mr. Boey served on the NIU Board of Trustees for 22 years, holding many positions within that time, including chairperson, and dedicated his efforts to further developing both NIU and the city of DeKalb. Through the years of endless support and honorable achievements, Mr. and Mrs. Boey were appropriately named the "king and queen of NIU" by a fellow trustee, but in the end, Mr. Boey considers himself a fellow Huskie, which is reflected in the amount of commitment and dedication that he and his wife have invested until the very last day before retiring in the spring of 2018.

Bob and Doris Boey