Career Counseling


Our experienced and professional career counselors look forward to helping you.

How do career counselors help students?
We will:

  • Spend time getting to know you and your unique hopes for the future
  • Encourage you to explore your strengths and interests and challenge misconceptions
  • Work with you to determine your next step whether you know what you want to do or not
  • Recommend resources and strategies to find internships and jobs or to get into graduate school
  • Prepare you to make the most of career fairs, connect with employers and excel in interviews

What are typical concerns that bring students to career counseling?

You may have questions about how to choose the major or career path that’s right for you. We offer career testing and can discuss whether it’s a good fit for your needs. We’ll also help you locate information about careers to learn more about options and how to connect your major to career paths.

If you want an internship but don’t know where to begin the search, start with a career counseling appointment. We’ll discuss your career goals and help you come up with an individualized plan for finding an internship. Your counselor can also check in on your resume, LinkedIn profile and interviewing skills.

Considering graduate school and need help with decision-making and creating a plan to apply? Our counselors can guide you through the process.

You need a job! You’re more likely to find one if you have a plan. We’ll help you create a strategy to pursue employment. It’s important to start this process well in advance of your graduation date. Your counselor can also check in on your resume, LinkedIn profile and interviewing skills.

Even if you don’t have specific career questions, meet with the career counselor who serves your major to discuss your career plan and your progress. Get expert advice on how to prepare for internships, full-time jobs and graduate/professional school opportunities.

How do I meet with a career counselor?

Contact Career Services at 815-753-1642 to set up an appointment. Career counselors are specialized according to the academic programs and industry areas they serve. We also have career counselors who specialize in career decision-making/career testing and graduate school planning.

For drop-in assistance with resume reviews and finding internships and jobs on Huskies Get Hired, students can visit Career Services between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., Monday-Friday, when classes are in session.