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‘A Journey of Discovery’

President Doug Baker is centering his administration on Student Career Success, a “keystone goal” expected to sustain and advance Northern Illinois University and its campus community in a rapidly changing modern world.

Three more pillars – Ethically Inspired Leadership, Thriving Communities and NIU Financial and Program Viability – support the president’s vision to make NIU “an incredible place” not only intellectually, culturally and socially but economically and physically.

Baker’s blueprint requires collaboration, integration and, perhaps most significantly, a change in university culture.

He promotes internships as “the single-most important thing that predicts whether students will get a job after graduation, more important than their grades, their school or their major,” and calls on NIU alumni to mentor students and assist in their networking.

Meanwhile, he is endorsing the Liberal Education and America’s Promise initiative of the American Association of Colleges and Universities. LEAP advocates for general education courses to provide students with fundamental skills in critical thinking, cultural literacy, numeracy, writing and communication.

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